15 Websites to host your projects for free in 2021

15 Websites to host your projects for free in 2021

A web facilitating administration is one kind of Internet facilitating administration which permits any people or organizations to make their site available on the World Wide Web. For the most part facilitating is paid, however there are numerous free site facilitating options, that can fill your need.

We as a whole love gifts and it should not shock anyone that even in web facilitating there are huge loads of gifts on the off chance that you realize where to look. Not everything free are equivalent however, and this time I will take a gander at what a portion of these free (and "nearly free") web has have to bring to the table.


They're a non-profit organisation that exists to serve the hosting needs of the global open source community. It's hard to apply there so please read all the instruction before you apply.


Netlify functions as publicized, you don't need to think about DevOps taking care of or anything to do with cloud facilitating. You can send your static applications directly from your facilitating supplier, regardless of whether it is Gitlab or Github, it simply works.

The beginning cost is additionally free so you can send your various ventures free of charge and have a custom space, these are highlights I truly appreciate, only straightforwardness at its best.



I have been utilizing S3 for quite a while now, its simple to arrangement and work with. Programming interface reconciliations are extremely simple to arrangement. It can easily hold huge informational indexes, yet in some cases looking on S3 for documents isn't simple, it is a lethargic interaction and hangs the application. On a general level my involvement in S3 is awesome, I would emphatically suggest S3 for capacity.


I have been utilizing it for a very long time to grandstand my own ventures to others on GitHub. It's an incredible stage to convey my ventures and it upholds a wide range of programming languages. I like the highlights of sending of my GitHub archives and furthermore set up the webhook for programmed redeployment on changes on my GitHub vaults. It's not difficult to utilize and doesn't have to manage a great deal of foundations as it's a PaaS.

Likewise, the startup can utilize this stage and spotlight more on advancement as opposed to setting up own workers and designing it. Additionally I love highlight of scaling the web applications/administrations starightforword, I simply need to indicate the quantity of dynos to scale it. It offers both the incredible dashboard and CLI so I can perform something on its dashboard or by utilizing its CLI. I love when I can convey a web application in a matter of seconds so its quick and easy to send. It additionally gives free addons like PostgreSQL, redis and so on which I can use in my web applications.

Github Pages

GitHub Pages is a static site hosting service that takes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files straight from a repository on GitHub, optionally runs the files through a build process, and publishes a website.


It is not difficult to utilize and is a solid extraordinary tool for my distributed storage needs. I like that it is not difficult to store a wide range of information and information drop expansions. It is really an astounding on the web stockpiling program.

It permits the sharing of enormous recordings and designs, which are hard to send by email, because of this component, it consummately upholds the work process and adds to the improvement of our business cycle. the joy of sharing significant substance, for example, recordings and designs that I need to partake in an agreeable, quick and secure route with no limitations is priceless.


Developing and conveying a frontend application utilizing Vercel is exceptionally viable in term of the expense and time spending. Combination with ember.js is smooth and has no issue in similarity. The capacity to shares the live review of the site to customer and colleagues in a solitary snap truly shortening the typical cycle that are long and distressing.


Simple, single-command web publishing. Publish HTML, CSS, and JS for free, without leaving the command line.


Powerful infrastructure for modern javascript apps. Stormkit integrates perfectly with your git flow. It builds, deploys and scales your javascript apps seamlessly.


the main thing I saw about Render was the means by which everything about sending appears to "simply work". It's a particularly reviving encounter to have the option to follow their documentation, relating to your particular arrangement, and not need to then scour the web searching for the real method to send with their administration.

Further, Render robotizes your site's HTTPS/SSL (TLS these days, ideally) and coordinates with GitHub. They likewise make confining outer admittance to your information base a breeze — security feels amazing and simple to carry out with Render (its majority is taken care of for you).

Furthermore, on the off chance that you have an inquiry, their care staff is instructive, kind, and convenient. It's really caused sending to feel much less like "arrangement" and more like... "we're live!"

Google Cloud Hosting

Google cloud has turned into the go to stage for capacity and information the executives in my work environment. Best of all, a fundamental membership (free) accompanies adequate room for yoou to begin with your information stockpiling, You would then be able to purchase more space with the littlest of cost. (Also, assuming you need to share the extra room theres even a family plan).

This is not free but offers a one year trial that is a lot to just explore around with there amazing features.

The possibly issue I have is when attempting to move a record from the drive to another stage. I need to download it in mass then, at that point discover the document and afterward move it. I do know this is on the grounds that google joining frameworks, however it very well may be somewhat troublesome, extraordinarily assuming you need to move significant documents that you have put away inside the framework.

Gitlab Pages

We can have free private repos, however it has restricted highlights. Yet, we can become acclimated to it prior to buying the item. Additionally, I like the web IDE in GitLab, which is much better than the content tool in other VCS. Additionally, we can check the GitLab ci config document prior to pushing it and testing it ready to go. We can approve the yml script on the GitLab site itself.

Gitlab has a decent number of abilities for making and overseeing vaults. It is additionally loaded with great action checking highlights; Gives us thorough investigations of applications that assist us with improving them. Permits us to work in a more consistent way and makes interdepartmental correspondences simpler for us. Accompanies a few helpful combinations and different abilities for time-following and source code the executives, among others.


It was not difficult to send my task, I didn't need to do any arrangements. I conveyed a site and it was free for me, so that is a major in addition to. So Hostman is an ideal arrangement when you need to send your undertaking effectively, quick, yet be certain that it's protected.

I utilized Hostman to convey static site. I expected to do it truly speedy, without drawing in DevOps and with Hostman I saw my site live in no time flat. I'm not actually acquainted with this things like introducing conditions, setting up systems administration and the rest that is expected to convey and have a site, so Hostman was an answer for me.


Incredible web hosting services and straightforward modules!!! Begun to have a test site. How effectively I could understand rule and assemble all parts to distribute is stunning. Very little specialized information needed for this. Plans are additionally entirely sensible and savvy.

Every free thing has some issues or the other, so be ready for some normal issues that show up with it.

Indeed, even the best free facilitating will in general be genuinely shaky, which can bring about vacation. Likewise, suppliers regularly place limitations on capacity and transfer speed, restricting your site's development and traffic limit. Your site may likewise have slow execution.

All things considered, there are times you might need to consider free facilitating. For an individual task, it could be all you need. The equivalent is valid in case you're rehearsing your website architecture and improvement abilities and simply need a space to evaluate groundbreaking thoughts.

Maybe you're setting up a space to test new modules or subjects. All things considered, the constraints of free facilitating shouldn't be an obstruction to what you need to achieve. Obviously, in the event that you essentially need an organizing site, you might need to utilize a neighborhood improvement instrument like Local and not stress over facilitating by any means.

Who doesn't love freebies? So above were some of the websites(PaaS) that offer free services to everyone. You just need to code your project and host and done.

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