12 websites to Ace you programming skills in 2021

12 websites to Ace you programming skills in 2021

Hey everyone building projects and solving real world problems is inarguable one of the best ways you can learn how to code. In a culture dependent on usefulness, more often than not, practice is left to the side. It is now and again viewed as an exercise in futility, particularly for those with more long stretches of involvement.

I'm not discussing simply playing or accomplishing something. I'm discussing intentionally rehearsing an action. With regards to the basics. The nuts and bolts of your calling.

I'm not saying to simply rehearse the entire day. You have work to do, a daily routine to experience. Rest and an even life are just about as significant as training. Yet, save a period in your every day schedule for rehearsing.

It very well may be two hours or 30 minutes. The time you spend doing it will rely upon your experience and the amount you actually need to learn.

So in this post we will talk about 12 websites you can practice coding or in other words you can increase your web development skills.


If you want to level up your HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills, codewell offers real world Figma tempaltes that you can use to improve.


They offer free challenges to get a feel for the paltform before subscribing to their plans which start at $35/mo.

Project Euler

Investigate a space of numerical difficulties and information structures that require more than numerical bits of knowledge to tackle. The coding issues on the site give an inductive chain learning experience meaning every issue presents new ideas that can assist with taking care of different issues.

In contrast to different destinations on the rundown, you can not code on the actual site so you would need to settle it on a piece of paper.


Inarguable one of the best and free resources to learn Web Development.


Geektastic has a combination of various decision and companion checked on code difficulties to appreciate. Each different decision question likewise has a point by point clarification with each answer.

Too as finishing difficulties you can likewise make and offer your own difficulties with their worldwide local area. Rank sufficiently high and you may even be welcome to join their survey group who get compensated to code for world's developing tech orgs.


Investigate data science and code with the website's online code editor utilizing Python and R. Their courses offer short quality instructional exercises and more on applying what you have realized. The site likewise allows you to apply your abilities to take care of certifiable issues.


Treehouse is a great platform to help you learn certain languages like JavaScript or even backend languages like PHP.


LeetCode is a a most popular websites that gives a rundown of 190+ difficulties that can assist you with planning for specialized new employee screenings. You can address the difficulties straightforwardly online in one of 9 programming dialects.

Frontend Mentor

Solve real world HTML, CSS and JavaScript challenges whilst working to professional designs.


This one is specific to CSS but its gamification system is a great way to track you progress and continue learning.


CodinGame is a bit not the same as different sites, on the grounds that rather than essentially settling coding difficulties in an editorial manager, you really participate recorded as a hard copy the code for games that you play straightforwardly on the web.

The game accompanies an issue depiction, experiments, and a manager where you can compose your code in one of 20+ programming dialects.


A 30 days vanilla JS coding challenge by Wes Bos. You get to build clocks, drum kits and so much more using just javascript.

Figuring out how to program can be hard. It is significantly harder to dominate it.

Likewise with some other expertise, you need to continue rehearsing so you're not neglecting and are improving. Every one of the elite competitors and laborers do it.

Make sure to isolate practice from the genuine game. You need them both to develop as a software engineer. The two of them have their significance in your life.